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How You can keep your Pet Rabbit


Pet rabbits like to stay clean. They are constantly cleaningthemselves. This is important for their health and wellbeing.

You can be a big help to your pet rabbit by following thesetips for general cleaning of your pet rabbit and it's environment.

Pet Rabbit Cleanliness

Things you can do to keep your pet rabbit as clean as possible :
  • Changing litter on a regular basis : It's a good idea to changeyour rabbit's litter daily, especially if you're using hay or oneof the organic litters such as alfalfa, oat or paper. Rabbiturine has a very strong odor and will quickly make itselfapparent.
  • Placement of the litter box : When you first get your rabbit,observe where she deposits her urine and pills. Usually this isin one of the corners of her cage, and that is where you shouldplace the litter box.

  • Keeping the litter box clean : Your rabbit's litter box should bethoroughly cleaned and disinfected once a week. You can use whitevinegar to rinse the box out, and make sure to let it soak forthose really tough stains.

  • Keeping the cage clean : Your pet's bedding should be changed oncea week. At the same time, scrub her food and water dishes withhot water and detergent -- make sure to rinse them well so thatno traces of soap are left. A complete cleaning of your rabbit'scage should be done once a month. Wash the cage using adisinfectant made specifically for small animals; make sure todilute the disinfectant in hot soapy water. If you're using ahousehold cleaner, avoid ammonia-based products and be sure torinse thoroughly with water afterwards.

  • Pest control : Keep your rabbit's environment free of parasitessuch as fleas and ticks with the use of products designed to keepthese pests under control. If you use sprays or flea bombs, keepyour rabbit out of the room for a minimum of 24 hours.

  • Cleaning up accidents : Like all household pets, your rabbit willoccasionally have accidents when let out of her cage. Clean themup immediately using a good cleaner or a mixture of 1/4 whitevinegar and 3/4 club soda; enzyme-based pet stain cleaners alsowork.

Do NOT use ammonia-based cleaners, as urine also containsammonia and you might actually be inviting your rabbit to re-usethe spot.

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